Avrohom HaCohen 53 Mount Canaan, Safed



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About us

A prestigious boutique estate built on a hillside overlooking the picturesque Moshav Rosh Pina for the Sea of ​​Galilee and the Golan Heights in harmony with an endless Galilean view. The unique and picturesque pool, covered and heated by the aroma of fresh coffee and pastries that are baked especially for you fill the air and intensify the unforgettable experience with a promise.

Merom Manor was established with the intention of providing an answer to the ultra-Orthodox religious community. Therefore, thought was invested in every detail in order to enable the Orthodox religious community to enjoy meticulous hospitality from spacious and comfortable Jewish beds.

Strict adherence to every detail, the love to give the most and the best is abundantly abundant and creates a sense of wholeness and calm that radiates on all those who enter the estate.

Merom is located on the hillside and offers a spectacular blend of original quality and unique style along with contemporary luxury architecture and of course on quality and luxury we have not compromised.

The place is suitable for couples with friends or with the entire extended family. The hospitality at the Marom Manor guarantees an unforgettable experience of peace of mind, spirit and soul.

Accommodation on the B & B estate, except for the luxury villa.

In addition, it is possible to receive consultation and guidance for suitable tracks for the orthodox religious sector.

For details and reservations
call 074-767-94-60
or fill out the form
and we will get back to you
as soon as possible

For details and reservations call 074-767-94-60
or fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Avrohom HaCohen 53 Mount Canaan, Safed

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