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Private events

Private events, for individuals, couples or groups, provide an opportunity to unite and meet together to celebrate private events with a unique concept that suits you. Private events can include birthdays, anniversaries, Shabbos Chatan events and more. There is nothing like celebrating private events in an intimate and prestigious concept, at Merom Estate, which can provide you with a celebration of the dreams or the pampering vacation you have always aspired to. Take a break from work and daily routine and come to us on a dream vacation.

Many people try to figure out how best to celebrate their private events in a way that they can enjoy and make the most of all the options of the dream vacation. You can celebrate private events at home or dare to celebrate in a special and dreamy place in the north of the country. For this purpose, we are here, at the Merom Estate, in order to fulfill your dream of private events from the dreams. Celebrate with your loved ones at small and private events, and you will have fun and magical moments of peace.

Ahuzat Marom offers you to celebrate private events with those close to you!
Ahuzat Marom offers you to celebrate your private events, with your relatives and friends or your couple, in the most beautiful place in the country, against the backdrop of the Golan Heights, to the religious guests. We appeal to the religious community and provide you with everything you want, especially for you, at any time and at any time. We can offer you kosher meals and many fresh flavors, which we bake on the spot and serve you immediately every day to our guests.

At Merom Hotel in Rosh Pina, you can enjoy private rooms equipped with a high standard, with a variety of luxuries of comfortable and spacious beds, rooms that can provide you with privacy and complete tranquility. At the luxurious and luxurious Maruet Merom Hotel, we provide you with a luxurious and private dream vacation, you will receive intimacy and professional service in luxurious, luxurious suites in Israel. We have a range of pampering rooms of your choice.

The professional staff at the prestigious Merom Estate will take care of all your needs at any time, at a high level service and will not compromise on less than the best for our guests. We will do everything to make you happy and satisfied with your personal celebration or your dream vacation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us now, to receive a quote at fair prices and in quality and uncompromising service. You can enjoy private and rare times and liqueur for you, in celebrations for couples, groups or families, in the most beautiful place in Israel. If you want a celebration or a private vacation, you and your loved ones, contact us and you will not regret it. You will get a holiday or a dream vacation that you will remember for many years.


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call 074-767-94-60
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For details and reservations call 074-767-94-60
or fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Avrohom HaCohen 53 Mount Canaan, Safed

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