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Sabbath Bar-Mitzva

Have you come to the Torah for Bar Mitzvah celebrations and would like to celebrate the special bar mitzvah event? You must find a place that suits your requirements, where you can enjoy, with your relatives, celebrate the Bar Mitzvah Shabbos, in the concept you choose. It is important to choose a concept that suits the boy

Who celebrates his Bar Mitzvah, and his family, in a suitable atmosphere for them.
Bar Mitzvah is a special event for many boys, the rise to mitzvot symbolizes the transition from childhood to adulthood, and therefore it is important to note this event as part of the celebrations of the bar mitzvah. These celebrations make it possible to celebrate the special event in the boy's life, as he moves to adulthood, to a new and exciting period in the boy's life, a period of uncertainty, but also an exciting and special time in his life.

What can we offer you at bar mitzvah events?
At Ahuzat Merom, we can offer you the opportunity to celebrate Bar Mitzvahs, in a private and intimate concept, for groups of up to fifty people, for the traditional and ultra-Orthodox sectors. We can offer you delicious kosher meals, all kinds of drinks, and the aromas of delicious fresh and tasty coffee. Do not compromise on less than the best to celebrate at a special and memorable event, you and lick you.

Our advantage, at Ahuzat Merom, is to ensure that you are able to celebrate the bar mitzvah, with a prestigious concept, of a boutique estate overlooking the Golan Heights, in one of the most beautiful places in Israel. You can get B & B's with a pool, for you and your guests, to celebrate your special event during the Bar Mitzvah Shabbat.

Our rooms, in Marom Estate, are fully equipped to the highest standard, with utmost care for the smallest details, so that you can enjoy an enjoyable and indulgent Bar Mitzvah. Fresh coffee will be served to you every morning, and you can enjoy relaxing on the comfortable beds in every room in Merom Estate.

Do not hesitate, call us for a quote, so that you can enjoy your personal celebration and celebrate the transition from childhood to adulthood, at the exciting event of the Bar Mitzvah celebrations. If you want a private and intimate event then you have come to the right place to fulfill your dream. We will be able to provide you with all the luxuries you will request, at all hours of the day, so that you will receive quality service.

No matter where you are, from north to south, do not miss a once-in-a-lifetime event at our boutique estate, Merom Estate located in Rosh Pina overlooking the Golan Heights. Try and you will not be sorry, and you will receive the most professional and courteous service from our dedicated staff, available to you 24 hours a day.

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call 074-767-94-60
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For details and reservations call 074-767-94-60
or fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Avrohom HaCohen 53 Mount Canaan, Safed

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