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Sabbath Hatan

The groom's Sabbaths are usually celebrated on the first Saturday after the marriage or on the Sabbath preceding the wedding, depending on the type of community to which the groom belongs, which can be a community of Ashkenazim or Sephardim, and in any event, the groom's wedding is a festive one-time event in the life of the groom and his guests The beginning of the marriage track.

Are you on your way to the exciting day of your wedding and want to celebrate a special and exciting Shabbat? You deserve the best, do not compromise, contact us, on the mansion in Merom, in order to celebrate the Shabbat events of the bridegroom, in a prestigious boutique estate in the Rosh Pina area, with an amazing view on the Golan ridge.

What can we offer you to celebrate Shabbos and groom?
We can offer you to celebrate events for the traditional and religious audience, in an impressive mansion that includes guest rooms with a pampering pool so that you can celebrate the Shabbat of the groom in intimate and private events for the special day for you. Shabbat events can be celebrated as a bridegroom for families and groups of up to fifty people, traditional religious and ultra-Orthodox.

At Merom Manor, we can offer you uncompromising quality hospitality and service, with a dedicated and professional team of staff, available for all your requests, on a special day for you. The wedding of the bridegroom is a special occasion for many grooms, a celebration that symbolizes the status of the holy marriage, and a celebration that allows the groom to express the special event in his life.

What is our advantage as part of the Sabbath celebrations of the groom?
Our advantage for you is that you can celebrate Shabbos with an intimate concept for small groups, allowing privacy and a special celebration in a luxurious mansion for the religious and ultra-Orthodox audience. We offer you and your guests prestigious, high-class estate suites, a heated pool, hot drinks and delicacies, served especially for you.

Our advantage for you is a high level service, courteous and personal to every guest in the framework of the Sabbath celebrations. Our advantage is a prestigious event in our boutique estate, which you and your guests will not forget for a long time. Enjoy many treats, such as fresh pastries prepared and served for you, cold drinks and hot drinks of all kinds, kosher meals, comfortable beds for our guests, and all this in front of the breathtaking beauty of the Golan Heights.

Please do not hesitate to contact us today to receive a price quote for Shabbos Chatan, in a unique and prestigious concept, in Rosh Pina. Please contact us as soon as possible and enjoy a pampering event in one of the most beautiful places in the country, at the foot of the Golan, and you will receive courteous service and answer any question or request for you, on the way to your great celebration on the Sabbath.


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For details and reservations call 074-767-94-60
or fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Avrohom HaCohen 53 Mount Canaan, Safed

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