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Seminars are an integral part of small and large organizations. Seminars can be held on almost any subject, such as professional seminars on employee training rewards or experiential seminars on spiritual and religious subjects, for participants. Seminars provide an opportunity to gather and receive new knowledge or to enrich existing knowledge through seminars that provide lectures in a variety of fields, occupational, spiritual or academic.

Seminars allow for a special experience of learning and enjoyment, in parallel, in lectures held at seminars, on pre-defined dates. The seminars allow groups and individuals to enjoy rich content in almost all fields. Seminars are a means for a group of people to come together and listen to fascinating lectures in every field, and enjoy quality time with friends and coworkers. The seminars serve as a means to acquire moments of enriching knowledge and learning new things, as well as an opportunity to introduce new people to the seminars.

What will we be able to provide you, at the Marom Residence, as part of hosting seminars?
We can provide you with a private place to hold seminars in all areas, providing privacy and intimacy for events of up to fifty people. We hold seminars that focus on the religious community, and therefore we can provide you with kosher meals during the seminars, for the participants.
The seminars provide an opportunity for people to experience joint experiences through professional and experiential lectures, and we are here at Ahuzat Merom to provide you with the ideal venue for seminars on a variety of topics and areas for you.

Our seminars take place against the backdrop of a breathtaking view of the Golan Heights, in the Rosh Pina area, in a quiet yet powerful location. We will provide you with beautiful moments during your seminars, with freshly prepared pastries and cakes that we prepare every day, especially for you, so that you will have the best stay while you are attending seminars. You will also get hot and cold drinks, especially the tasty coffee and its addictive smells.

Do not miss a rare opportunity to enjoy experiential seminars at Ahuzat Merom, with stunning views of the north, and with courteous and professional service especially for you. We will be happy to provide you with anything you want, from kosher courses to hot and cold beverages of all kinds, to make your time enjoyable while you listen to the lectures of the seminars in all fields.

Contact us today, do not wait, for an attractive quote, for groups of up to fifty people, for seminars for you, in all fields. We will give you a peaceful and pleasant stay in our seminar rooms, and you will receive the best service at Ahuzat Merom, a luxurious and luxurious boutique estate that will provide you with a relaxing and pampering stay during your seminars and lectures.

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call 074-767-94-60
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For details and reservations call 074-767-94-60
or fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Avrohom HaCohen 53 Mount Canaan, Safed

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